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Hello!! Here are some of my old photos from the Volks Dolls Party in LA, September 5th 2015. I know I’m over a year late in posting these but no biggie. Truth be told, I really didn’t have a lot of fun at this one. I’ll explain more below.

Don’t get me wrong please. I was happy that I was invited because for anyone who’s attended or has tried to attend a dolls party, invitations are done by lottery. I was luckily chosen and very excited to go. But this party in MY OPINION was sort of a downer. First I arrived to this:

vdp2I’ll admit, my drive to LA this time really sucked. It was nearing Labor Day weekend so while I drove in from Las Vegas I had a bunch of groups of Audi’s speeding past me doing about 100+ miles an hour. I don’t know what the hell was the hurry but I guess it might have been some speed run or meet up somewhere in California (and of course no cops in sight to do anything). When I finally arrived in LA the highway was super crowded and slow which resulted me getting to the Marriott late and at the end of the line. *Sigh*vdp3This long line was the line to the Sumika shop which was open to everyone.


Almost there…


And in!! But after that big crowd I have no idea what items I’ve missed out on. There was still plenty of other stuff like Dollfie Dream parts, wigs, eyes, and etc.

vdp13 vdp6 vdp7 vdp8 vdp9 vdp10 vdp11 vdp12

vdp14This was out in the lobby after leaving the Sumika Shop. I got to admit, I was kind of jealous of some of these Dollfie Dream costumes. They were really well made!

vdp15There were a lot of Dollfie Dream dolls here. Maybe more than resin dolls.vdp16 vdp17My Marius and Agony on our lonesome…..Despite the large array of dolls and great costumes, I couldn’t really talk to their owners. A lot of the people who came already knew each other (some were very cliquey).

I’m an introvert but when it comes to hobbies that I love, I could talk to anyone for hours about it. Especially if gatherings like dolls parties or conventions share the same hobby as myself. I tried but it just wasn’t happening here. I found this a little shocking because the last few conventions/meet ups/ dolls parties I’ve been to didn’t feel as…..closed or cliquey as this one. But it wasn’t all bad. I’m still very happy that I got to go, a few people loved Marius’s Assassin costume and asked for pictures of him. vdp18The Tea Party reception area!!! This is where myself and other invites had to check in.

vdp30 vdp19Tea Party tables!! A really cute set up!



One off doll models. I’d love to get a one off doll one day. That’s if I every have the money to afford one or maybe by lottery for free.

vdp24 vdp23 vdp22 vdp20 vdp26 vdp28

vdp21Lottery boxes for the one offs.

vdp31 vdp29Free raffle prizes to the lucky persons picked. I didn’t win anything this time  😦


vdp27vdp35A little nosh.



A little baggie of stuff at each table for everyone. It contained a raffle ticket for the free drawing, little doll sized cookies, Volks flyers, and two packets of a caramel tea which in my opinion was not really good but smelled great.

vdp37 vdp34Well, that’s the end of my photos of Dolls Party 2015. I’m really hoping the next one in September 2017 will be much, much better. A have 8 months to think of a new costume for my doll which should be fun! Another assassin or maybe something from different video game? We shall see.

Did anyone else go to this Dolpa back in 2015 or maybe a totally different meet up else ware?  If so what did you think of your time there? Fun or not so much?

Thanks for viewing!!!