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Strange title I know but I’ve been writing a lot of story ideas about these concepts.


I’ve made grocery isle before (I think I have it posted around the blog somewhere) but it was made of wood which made it heavier and a sort of a pain to work with. I did better this time around by making it out of foam poster board. Super light, easy to cut, and cheap from the Dollar store.


Built some separate gondolas as well. It’s funny that I still remember those shelving terms. I use to work at a Target as a Presentation Team member. I had to get to work at 5 or 6am to build these things, fill them with product, add in the price tags, and so on. It was fun in the beginning but got awfully stressful (Via management and smaller time constraints) a year later. But back on topic!


Now for the product. I found a bunch of printable’s through my Pinterest. Lots of cutting and pasting here. If I’m in a quiet corner this can be a bit therapeutic.


A small Tupperware of  paper work done!


I decided to do a pet food isle.  Dog food on one side and cat food on the other.


Putting the food on the shelf. Instead of putting them on one by one (which just fall over by air or my hand) I hot glued them to little plastic sheets so they can stay upright together on the shelf.


Cat food isle starting to come together.


Canned food too!