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I had this half made in my room for over a year. I finally pushed myself and finished it!

I’ve made a regular cashier’s register for the Bullshit Bullseye comic. I’ve always wanted to add in a self checkout area. Why did I make this? Well besides putting it in a comic, I strangely love them! I know some people hate them and want to deal with a human but I’ve got the self checkout lane down to a perfect science! I just scan my stuff, bag it, pay, and go. I rarely run into problems unless I’m buying medicine or any other items that call for an I.D.

This wiry thing will be the bag holder. Doesn’t look like a bag holder you’d see in a Walmart or Smiths but I just wanted to make something that would still function as one.

At first I had trouble making the doll sized plastic bags. I was about to give up and just make brown paper bags until I found a really great YouTube video from the user PipeCleanerCrafts B. She has a great tutorial about how to make them. It was really simple and a big help!

You just need two metal rulers, a tea light candle (I just used a cheap one I had in my room), two clips or paper clips, and plastic from a shopping bag.

Great! Almost ready to make some stories around this!!

Now for the toilet:

A 1/6 sized toilet. A strange item to make but I’ve had some funny story ideas I wanted to make around it. Again I had some help with making this toilet by looking up a user on YouTube whom I’m subscribed to. Her channel is called SugarCharmShop. She makes really small miniatures but when I make anything from her channel I size them up for 1/6 or Super Dollfie size.

I changed up the design that was originally made. In SugarCharmShop’s toilet tutorial it was of the whole toilet that you’d see in a house or maybe in a doctor’s office. I’m making the ones that you would see in a department store or large casino bathroom (I live in Vegas remember?). They mostly just consist of the toilet bowl attached to the wall with metal pipe that has a flusher button or handle. So I followed some of the video’s direction until I got what I wanted. Here’s my toilet bowl in clay before baking the top part.

After it’s baked. Not bad with the sizing. I kind of eyeballed the size when I started sculpting this. And as I type this I really wish that I sanded everything before I went to the next big step which is….

……Mold making! I want to make three of these and making a rubber mold around the original makes casting the other toilets in plastic much quicker.  The box is just some foam board with some hot glue holding it together. It will be easy to destroy once the rubber mold cures. The toilet is also hot glued to the bottom and sprayed with mold release.

I’m using some simple Oomoo 30 for the rubber mold.


Mixed together and poured in! Had some tiny leaks at the bottom which I just plugged with more hot glue. Now to wait until the next day for it to set!

Got to end this post for tonight. The last part is coming up soon!!

Thanks for viewing!!