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Well it’s the next day and my mold has set up!! Lets see how it looks!! Got rid of the foam board. I’m so glad that this set up properly. Now to remove the original toilet for my block of a mold.

The toilet wasn’t easy to pry out. I had to really wiggle out the bowl part to pull it out. It’s because of the under cuts in the bowl most likely. Still want to see if I can make any toilet castings in it.

To cast the toilets I’m going to use Smooth-Cast 300.  In the beginning I was worried that I might have to color the plastic but luckily it dries white by itself.

I used this stuff way back in college. I totally forgot how fast it sets up. It hardens in 15 minutes! Great way to make multiple pieces in a rush but you still have to work quickly. Plus this stuff turns hot when you mix it. I wouldn’t want to get any of this on my hands or clothes.

First one casted!

I didn’t over flow the mold when filling it so I’ve got a bit of a weak bottom with jagged edges. 

With a good piece of sand paper I can buff away those edges and lines. 

3 bowls down! So easy and fast to make!!

Like the toilet bowl, I made the toilet seat out of Sculpey clay then baked it. Instead of using Oomoo I used some Castin’ Craft Easy Mold silicone putty. Just mixed the two parts together and formed it over the seat. Plus the Easy Mold silicone putty will still work with smooth-cast 300.

Easy again!

The sizing is good. But I still have to sand and clean the edges. 

It’s starting to come together!!

More in the next post!!