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The bowls and seats are nicely smoothed out. Time to start putting them together!

Another idea that I used from the SugarCharmShop video is using paper (I used small ribbon) to make a little hinge to attach the seats to the bowls.I did a little painting in the insides of the bowls. I didn’t want to cut into the plastic so I painted in the hole to the siphon.  

Just a little hot glue to the bowl.

Next I’m going to sculpt the flush pipe for the bowl. I’m just using some silver Sculpey clay for this. I accidently overbaked the pipes in the oven. But I believe they’ll still work because the overbaking gave them an interesting old tarnished look.

Next I’m sculping the top part of the pipe which will have a flusher button.

Not bad looking!

Now I’ll bake it to keep the shape.

 Looks good! 

Now I’ll make the wall plates which will attach the flusher pipe to the wall. I used my smallest Kemper cutters to make the circles.

I attached the pipes to the plates with some liquid clay then baked in the oven.

Finished!! I don’t plan to attach all the parts together yet because I want to build the 1/6 set first. Better to wait until I’ve got everything built then put it all together!

See you in the next post when I start making a 1/6 sized bathroom set!!

(And the self-checkout/grocery set afterwards!)

Thanks for reading!!!!