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Set building time!! This is just a reference for some of my props and a bit of the layout. Lets get started!!


After looking at my reference photos, I’m still missing some key props. The first is toilet paper!

Really simple to make. I first measured a hand from one of my dolls then started to make the toilet roll tube with some construction paper rolled around a small dowel. I just wrapped it around three times then hot glued the edge down.

Next I took some regular bathroom toilet paper, cut down some stripes to the size of the tube, glued an edge to the tube, then just wrapped it around a few times.

I made 6 in different sizes. Some full, half used, or almost out.

Since this is a women’s public bathroom I’m making, ūüėÄ Of course it will need a bin for sanitary items. I’m making these with some very thin cardboard.

I’ll also need some toilet seat holders.

In a public restroom, the seat cover holders and sanitary bins have always have been metal. So I painted them in silver acrylic paint.

Next i’ll make the actual toilet seat covers out of tracing paper.

My first mock up of one.

To make several at once, I folded a sheet of tracing paper into squares;

then taped them down to my cutting mat and cut out the shape with my X-Acto knife.

1/6 toilet seat covers! 

Worked out pretty good!

Next up and lastly for the props is the toilet roll holder. This is the metal boxed one seen in public bathrooms that usually hold one or two rolls.

These were made out of some left over poster board and thin cardboard.

Then painted in silver acrylics and done!!

So I’ve got all of my bathroom props built. In the next post I’ll be finally building the set!

See you later and thanks for reading!!!