What’s a BJD?

BJD: Ball Jointed Dolls


ABJD: Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

The name says it all.

BJD’s are mainly resin casted dolls with articulated ball joints, and stung with elastic string. There are also BJD’s made of vinyl materal that have a hard plastic inside frame instead of elastic string (ie: Dollfie Dream/Obitsu dolls).

As of now there are a multitude of companies, sculptors, and freelance artists who create Ball jointed dolls to sell or show as artwork. Most are in Japan, China, and Korea; But others have also popped up in Europe, and the US with their own doll creations. Each doll types have their own brand names: examples are Super Dollfies made by Volks, Crobidoll, Luts Dollfies, Iplehouse dolls, Obitsu, Blue Fairy, Limwa and so on.

Silly hight comparison (Volks Sei Tenshi + beer bottle)

Volks Dollfie Dream with a short sword

BJD Sizes and types are endless. Sizes range from Tiny (28 cm or smaller) to 1/3 (25 inch) sized dolls or bigger. Types of BJD go from tiny baby, adult, fantasy (elves/human with animal legs and etc( ie: Soom dolls) or anthro inspired animal dolls (Pipos dolls).

Bjd’s are very customizable. They can be painted, sanded (Resin only), change eye colors, wig styles, buy them clothes or sew them, switch out bodies or heads to create hybrids…..and so on. They can be changed into anything and given any personality that the owner chooses.

As far as pricing goes these dolls are not cheap. Please don’t get me wrong; there are some low priced dolls but anyone might still think the price is still high. It mostly depends on the doll company you get your doll from.  Some companies sell their dolls at around 100+ dollars to over 1000 depending on if it’s a limited edition or popular character (Anime/etc) dolls.

One more thing…95% of these dolls are anatomically correct. Yes, the girl dolls have a bust/crotch….as well as the boys. So if your not open minded about that aspect then these dolls are probably not for you.


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