My BJD’s

My Super Dollfie family!!

Name: Marius

Type: Volks Super Dollfie Ryo boy (Pure Skin)

Arrival date: Jan 8th 2004

Info: Marius is my first ever BJD. I ordered him on a website called the Doll&Hobby shop. At that time they were the only ones allowed to do pre orders for Volks Super dollfies the US. I named him after one of my favorite characters in Anne Rice’s Vampire novels.



Name: Arienrhood

Type: Volks Dollfie Dreams w/DD-03 head/L-bust

Arrival Date: April 6, 2004

Info: My first ever female doll. She’s a DD which means she’s made of vinyl and not resin like my other BJD’s. She one of the first types of DD’s that are strung. The newer Dollfie Dreams have a type of skeleton inside of them. I named her after the evil snow queen in Joan Vinge’s sci-fi book The Snow Queen.


Name: Tsuzuki

Type: Volks MSD Mario

Arrival Date: March 2004

Info: Tsuzuki is actually my second MSD or kid sized BJD. He’s named after Tsuzuki from the Yami No Matsuei manga series.


Name: Tarquin

Type: Luts Ttory boy

Arrival Date: March 2004

Info: I got Tarquin from the Luts Korean site when their doll’s were not available to ship to the US. I got him through a shopping service who were able to buy him for me. His name is from the British tv series Keeping up Appearances.

Name: Mikah

Type:Volks (modified) School head B w/ SD13 boy body

Arrival Date: August 2004

Info: Mikah’s head (as well as Thierry) can only be bought by attending one of the Volks company face up classes. Since I couldn’t attend during that time I decided to buy this head through Yahoo Japan. When he arrived I didn’t like how thick his cheeks were. I really wanted another big boy doll, so the cheeks had to go.  I bought some soft sandpaper and modified his face to look more masculine. I bought his body later on through Yahoo Japan again. His name is from one of my favoride characters in the book Catspaw by Joan Vinge.


Name: Alec

Type: Reel Missing Link head R-01(modified)

Arrival Date: February 2005

Info: When I bought this head it was also modified because of it’s cheeks. Yet again they were too thick. I sanded them down and got good results. He still needs a body which I haven’t gotten to yet. When I do get the chance to buy one it will be a Volks SD body. His name is from The Night Runners Series by Lynn Flewelling.


Name: Thierry

Type: Volks School head(sweet dreams)A w/AOD vs2 boy body

Arrival Date: November 2008

Info: I got Thierry’s head at Volks NY Dolpa 2 back in 2008. I was able to buy the head by attending their face up class. I got the sleeping head because at the time I’ve never had a closed eyed doll. I’ll definatly get the opened eyed head someday. Thierry’s name comes from the soccer player Thierry Henry.

Name: Agony

Type: Volks Sei Tenshi

Arrival Date: July 2008

Info: This little guy makes me smile when I see him. I won him at the Volks NY Dolpa 2.  There was a fairy tale contest were you would dress your doll up as a character of the tale.  I dressed up Marius as the main character of Hans My Hedgehog and built a rooster for him to sit on. That won me first place and I got to take home this little angel and a glass trophy. Sei Tenshi angels are only given away as prizes for contests and lotteries.  They never sell them. Plus if you get one and sell it Volks frowns upon that. I got Agony’s name while watching Addams Family Values.


Name: Saiyuri

Type:Volks Dollfie Dreams w/H-02 (Aoi) Head

Arrival Date: December 2009

Info: Not much to say here since the whole story of Sayuri is within the blog. She is named after my favorite singer from the 80’s Japanese pop group Onyanko Club.

Name: Jake

Type: Iplehouse Noctarcana Circus/ EID Tedros The Circus Master

Arrival Date: May 2010

Info: I bought this big man during the first day of his preorder in February 2010. He was expensive but luckily the layaway option made it easy. I named him “Jake” after one of the characters in a sci-fi book that I love (as noted in his arrival post).




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